Having a gifted child is extraordinary, and one of the delights of any parent. However, it can be a little difficult to figure out whether your child is gifted or not. A gifted child might also need adequate early childhood education and even right brain training. Before attempting that, it’s important to identify whether you have a gifted child or not. Here are some of the signs you want to look for.

  1. Gifted children are always quick to learn new things. They can easily catch on and improve their knowledge on a variety of topics. You can spot that based on their early childhood education progress.
  2. Another thing to note when it comes to gifted children is the fact that they have a very high empathy and sensitivity level when compared to others.
  3. Gifted kids are able to focus for very long periods, which is not the case for all kids.
  4. Advanced reasoning skills can also be one of the signs that a gifted child shows early on. this is rare in the case of regular kids, especially at a very young age. These are a sign of high intelligence, and it does show that the child is gifted.
  5. Exceptional creativity levels are also showing you have a gifted child. While some kids can be creative, highly exceptional creative skills are less common, and that’s what shows you may have a gifted child.
  6. A gifted child might also show talent for patterns or puzzles. These things are less common for regular kids, since few of them develop interest in something like this.
  7. Early reading is another important sign as well. If your child can read many years before they should normally do, then this is a sign that he/she is indeed gifted.
  8. A similar thing can be said about eagerness to learn. Not every child shows that, especially at a young age. So this might be a sign that you have a gifted child as well.
  9. A high level of curiosity, one out of the ordinary might also suggest you have a gifted child too.
  10. The same thing can be said about your kid having a big vocabulary. If that happens when your kid is very young, then that might show your child is highly gifted!


There are many different signs a gifted child will show early on in his life which will automatically make you think he is unlike other kids. All you have to do is to assess these signs and ensure you take the right actions to protect your child and take good care of him!